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Honey and Syrup Suppliers

Dandy Lions was formed in 1999 by people with extensive experience in the food industry and honey and sugar products in particular.


Dandy Lions process and pack a wide range of honeys including single country, speciality and blends, plus organic honey from a variety of origins. Specialist cane sugar syrups, organic cane sugar syrups, and a variety of product blends to specific customer requirements are also produced.

Dandy Lions is committed to supplying high quality honey and syrups such as Maple, Treacle (Molasses) and Agave quickly and efficiently at competitive prices.


Products can be packed in a range of sizes from 25Kg plastic pails to 20 tonnes tankers.

The company is based in Daventry, Northamptonshire and has become one of the most efficient and respected food processors in the area. The location is ideally situated for nationwide distribution.


The modern factory premises of 7000 sq. ft. are equipped to a high standard with excellent processing controls. Dandy Lions is BRC accredited, has full Organic Certification and is a glass free factory. The company is dedicated to supplying honey and syrup products for manufacturers only.

Dandy Lions Ltd

5 Whittle Close

Drayton Fields Industrial Estate






T: 0044 1 327 312912

F: 0044 1 327 312712

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